Sensor/MEMS interfacing

Sensor/MEMS interfacing

AFE (Analog-Front-End) for MEMS/sensors/transceivers

  • Resistive sensor interfaces: Wheatstone bridge readout
  • Capacitive sensor interfaces: tilt, accelerometer, pressure sensors, C-to-V interfaces with aF sensitivity
  • Magnetic sensor interfaces: Hall sensors, GMR (giant magneto resistance) sensor interface
  • Inductive proximity sensor architectures
  • Absolute accuracy of uVrms: block and system-level chopping, low noise, low temperature sensitivity
  • Offset compensation (CDS, Chopping, …), kT/C noise cancellation
  • High accuracy, fully integrated temperature sensors
  • Delta-Sigma (ΔΣ) analog-to-digital (AD) converters: continuous and discrete time
  • Successive approximation AD converters

Custom ADC and DAC developments

  • Delta-sigma (LP, BP), (SC, CT, extended counting)
  • Cyclic, Algorithmic and SAR ADC
  • Pipelined ADC
  • Current steering DAC
  • Delta-Sigma DAC


  • 7uV absolute acc. thermocouple/oxygen sensor IC
  • ADC 13b/5kSps, 8uA, ext. counting DS, 0.18um
  • ADC 13b/1 MSps, 300kRad, cyclic , 0.18um
  • ADC 11b/2.5 MSps IQ BP multi-bit DS, 90nm (123 fJ/conv)
  • ADC 17b/10 MSps hybrid pipelined, DS, 40nm
  • 11b, 30 MSps pipelined, 40nm ADC
  • 12b, 200kSps SAR 0.65um, ADC

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