Pressure MEMS

Pressure MEMS

Pressure Sensor MEMS

Pressure sensing MEMS have a wide range of applications in medical, automotive and industrial segments. In response to this burgeoning market, ICsense offers programmable capacitance based front-end ASIC solutions developed to offer considerable design flexibility.

The architecture allows interface optimization by providing smart power control, programmable conversion sample rate and resolution and is capable of supporting capacitive MEMS pressure sensors with an operating range from 100fF to 10pF.

ICsense expertise in pressure sensor MEMS

  • Configurable ADC resolution of 8, 9 or 10 bits (higher resolution possible)
  • Current consumption of 2.4µA at 8 bits and 10Hz sampling
  • Enhanced CDS (correlated double sampling) and chopping techniques
  • Ultra-low power class AB implementation
  • Application areas: pressure sensors, tilt sensors, accelerometers, …

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