Working at ICsense

Working at ICsense

Getting started


Your first working day starts with an orientation session. In this session you will learn more about our company’s background, business model, customers and value proposition. You will also receive a lot of practical information such as how to order a sandwich for lunch as where to find office supplies. In the last section we dive into the DNA of our company and you will find out what it is like to be a member of the ICsense team.


To facilitate a good and fast integration in our company, every new colleague is accompanied by a mentor. A mentor is a more experienced colleague from the team, who will help you on the one hand with practical and technical questions and on the other hand to integrate smoothly in the social network of the company.

Customized follow up

Every employee will receive further follow up according to his/her personal needs. Since we aim a long term cooperation, we help you to meet the current requirements of your position, but we also offer you a path for the professional years still to come. We see this process as a joint effort, encouraging everyone to actively express their reflections and to co- guard their personal development.

Training & Development


We have a Training and Competency procedure in place with the purpose to guarantee that all training needs are identified, that the appropriate training is provided and that the effectiveness of these trainings is evaluated.

Training program

A training program with an overview of all possible trainings is in place. These trainings can be internal or external, individual or in group. On a regular base this program is evaluated and adjusted if necessary. There is also the possibility to follow an extracurricular training if needed in order to answer to existing needs. We find it very important that our colleagues can continuously gain new knowledge and help them to unlock their potential.

Technical and non-technical

When entering the organization, all design and development engineers perform a standardized development process which leads them through all standard design and development phases. Also non-technical colleagues receive support by initial training.

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