Wired Communication

Wired Communication


ICsense has successfully implemented the following automotive communication transceivers:

  • HS-CAN (High-Speed)
  • SW-CAN (Single-Wire)
  • J1850
  • OWI
  • SENT
  • LIN
  • PSI5

The transceivers have been implemented in several ISO26262 ASIL B ASICs for automotive applications. More information can be obtained by contacting business development.


ICsense has developed industrial communication ASICs targeted to the process, factory, building automation and transportation sector. One example is a mixed-signal ASIC for xDSL-like industrial communication that incorporate an Analog Front-End and accompanying digital processing. Read more about a 2-wire fieldbus standard with ARM Cortex M3 processor.

Other industrial communication transceivers:

  • RS485
  • 4-20mA (HART)
  • PWM
  • Powerline communication (example).


ICsense has developed many ASICs for medical implants requiring power and data transfer from outside the body (typically through inductive coupling) and power/data transfer between different implanted ASICs (through DC-AC-DC conversion to avoid leakage currents in the tissue).

  • Wireless power/data transfer inductive links – read more
  • Wired power transfer in implants by DC-AC-DC conversion for safety – read more


EPC Gen-2 UHF RFID tag (860 – 960 MHz) – read more

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