Medical implantable power management and battery charging ASIC

Medical implantable power management and battery charging ASIC

implantable power battery mgmt ICsense medical

This ASIC is part of an Implantable Neuro Stimulator (INS) system with 24 amplitude independent channels. The ASIC powers all components of the IPG system and charges the internal battery. The ASIC can draw its power from any primary battery, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries or wireless power transfer. Li-Ion batteries are charged through a proprietary inductive wireless power link. To ensure a long battery life, the Li-Ion charging is highly accurate up to 0.1% and peak currents are minimized.


  • Intelligent wireless power transfer and power rectification
  • Inductive buck/boost DC-DC converter
  • Li-Ion battery charge controller
  • Battery peak current minimization and accurate charging (<10mV) for long lifetime
  • Battery state monitoring (fuel gauge, temperature, …)
  • Safety: under/overvoltage, over-temperature protection
  • Sleep mode: 150nA (POR, clock, controller)
  • Storage mode: 7nA ( much lower than the self-discharge of battery)
  • 0.5um CMOS technology

Chip layout

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