Exclusive supply

ICsense is your single source for both ASIC development and production. ASICs at ICsense are exclusively developed for you and exclusively supplied to safeguard your competitive advantage.

The development of an ASIC has following advantages

  • Reduce your product’s BOM (Bill-Of-Material) and cost
  • Support multiple product families with a single (programmable) ASIC
  • Protect your IP
  • Reduce size and weight
  • Reduce the test and assembly costs
  • Lower power consumption
  • Improve product yield
  • Increase performance and reliability

ICsense offers the entire spectrum of semiconductor services, from design to fully tested ASICs supplied to you in mass production (see ASIC process flow). Our project teams consist of ASIC system architects, design, layout & test engineers, project managers and supply chain experts with years of industry experience in providing you with a high-reliability and cost-effective solution.

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