128-channel MEMS speaker driver with 1.8V to 90V DC-DC

128-channel MEMS speaker driver with 1.8V to 90V DC-DC

MEMS speaker driver ASIC 90VThis ASIC drives a digital MEMS speaker which produces sound by moving 1024 pixels. The High-voltage driver ASIC main goal is to generate the high voltage supply levels and to drive the individual rows and columns of the MEMS device. The ASIC is co-packaged together with the 8mmx8mm MEMS element and protected by a coating to prevent intrusion of dust particles. The ASIC contains 2 independent DC-DC converters to upconvert a low-voltage battery supply to the required actuation voltage. The driving supply levels go up to 90V and are individually programmable with 1V steps. The ASIC contains an integrated temperature sensor, PoR (Power On Reset) and various test features (short detect, pixel test).


  • 2 high-efficient on-chip DC-DC converters (2.9V to 90V)
  • Individually programmable outputs with 1V steps
  • Multiple HV supply domains
  • Close co-operation MEMS/ASIC integration
  • HV switch matrix, 64 columns and 32 rows
  • Capacitive loads, peaks upto 1.7A
  • Integrated SPI module
  • 64bit NVM OTP to store calibration parameters
  • Temperature range: -40°C – 125°C
  • 0.35um 120V BCD process


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