ICsense develops high-yield, high-performance and low-power ASICs for the consumer market and IoT (Internet-of-Things) segment. Key parameters are cost, time and size of the end product. From the definition phase on, ICsense focusses on reducing the BOM and optimising the ASIC architecture for minimal silicon area.

Through its unique risk mitigating design methodology (EDA environment) and by re-using proven topologies, ICsense can guarantee a functional ASIC already after the first run. This shortens the time-to-market substantially.

Our approach in consumer ASIC applications

  • System level optimisation and Verilog-AMS modelling
  • In-house knowledge on various sensor types (pressure, gas, flow, inductive, etc)
  • Over 10 years expertise in complex MEMS interfacing (read more)
  • Support of all common digital interfaces (I2C, SPI, …)
  • Flash/ EEPROM / MCU integration for maximal flexibility
  • Test time optimisation and test platform selection for lowest unit cost

Application domains

  • HV MEMS digital speaker
  • 3-axis magnetic compass
  • MEMS gyroscope
  • Lightning, LED controllers
  • Accelerometer interface
  • Hall sensor interface
  • 40W PoEPD
  • SMPS controller
  • DC-DC converters
  • Class D audio drivers
  • Frac-N synthesizers
  • Low ppm X-less oscillators
  • MOX Gas sensor
  • FET drivers

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