Highly efficient DC-DC converters

Highly efficient DC-DC converters

ICsense has successfully developed various DC-DC developments in different technologies for a range of applications:

  • Inductive and capacitive
  • Buck, boost, buck/boost and flyback (with external transformer)
  • Current mode – voltage mode
  • Continuous – discontinuous conduction mode (CCM – DCM)
  • Synchronous – asynchronous
  • Controllers (with an external power device) and converters (fully integrated)
  • Low-voltage designs and high-voltage designs (> 70V)
  • Currents ranging from 100µA to 1-2A

All these developments involved custom designs. Example target applications are Power-over-Ethernet, power management for cell phones, solar charging of cell phones, power management for medical implants, power management for audio applications and wireless applications.


High-speed, high-power multiphase DC-DC controller

  • 20-60V
  • 1, 2, 4 multiphase controller
  • High bandwidth > 1 MHz
  • Low output impedance 0.1Ohm
  • Continuous conduction mode
  • 0.35um BCD technology

High-efficiency, low-power buck/boost converter for medical applications

  • Synchronous
  • Discontinuous buck/boost
  • Efficiency up to 93%
  • Quiescent current of a few 10uA
  • 4 programmable modes
  • 0.18um CMOS technology

High-efficiency buck/boost converter for Li-Ion batteries

  • Synchronous
  • Discontinuous buck/boost
  • Current control
  • Efficiency higher than 88%
  • Quiescent current of a few 10uA
  • 0.5um CMOS technology

Versatile flyback controller for Power-over-Ethernet applications

  • 57V operation
  • Synchronous
  • Discontinuous/continuous
  • Flyback/forward/boost
  • Isolated/non-isolated
  • Current control
  • Slope compensation
  • High-power/high-current (>1A on chip)
  • DC gain boosting
  • 0.35um BCD technology

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