High-Performance Low-Power

High-Performance Low-Power

Ultra-low-power applications and techniques

  • RF powered 900 MHz passive RFID (<10uA all-in)
  • ULP delta-sigma ADC with extended counting
  • Low quiescent current DCDC converters and regulators
  • Ultra low power watchdog clocks
  • Subthreshold/weak inversion design
  • Current mode AFEs
  • System level duty cycling with fast startup PMU
  • Power gating, event-triggered digital
  • Low-noise switched capacitor circuits
  • Ultralow-power circuits: watchdog oscillators, references, energy harvesting, low-noise instrumentation
  • 500ppm high-precision, temperature-stable on-chip oscillators (no externals) – read more

Ultra low leakage

  • Battery charging chip with self-leakage below 5nA: lower than battery leakage
  • Leakage reduction using duty-cycling techniques


  • Sub-10uA brain recording and stimulation ASIC
  • 3MHz, 450nA RFID fully integrated clock
  • 60nA 1kHz clocks
  • 50nA accurate bandgap and current references
  • 2uA, 13 bit, 1-2 kSpS current mode DS ADC
  • 2uA low noise instrumentation amp (gm-cell, weak inversion)
  • 123 fJ/conv, 11b, 2.5 MSps IQ BP multi-bit delta-sigma ADC

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