High Voltage

High Voltage

High-voltage IC design experience

  • High-voltage (up to 14V) in plain low-voltage CMOS (patented)
  • High-voltage (bi-directional) switches
  • High-voltage I/O buffers
  • Class AB/G/H amplifiers
  • Class D audio amplifiers
  • (Self-oscillating) power amplifiers
  • High-voltage low drop out (LDO) regulators and bandgap references
  • High-voltage DC-DC converters: capacitive and inductive, buck, boost, buck-boost, flyback, converters and controllers
  • High-voltage charge pumps and voltage doublers
  • High-voltage instrumentation front-ends
  • H-bridge (e.g. motor steering applications)
  • MEMS and piezo drivers (ultrasound, injector control)
  • High-voltage drivers:
    • MEMS drivers
    • Line drivers
    • Gate drivers
    • Laser/LED/LCD/backlight drivers
    • Low-side (LS) and high-side (HS) drivers
    • Electrode-array drivers (brain, nerve interfaces)
    • Solenoid (coil) driver


Description Max. voltage
Diagnostics automotive  interface ASIC  gotoBC 150V
HV ASIC for MEMS actuation  120V
Multi-channel brain stimulation ASIC  50V
Direct fuel injection control ASIC  90V
Vibrating ring gyroscope sensing and driving circuits 80V
Drive and control ASIC for Xenon HID head lamp  50V
GP platform for battery control applications 50V
Car battery management ASIC (health status, SOC,…) 50V
Dual H-Bridge driver for climate control applciations  90V
Asynchronous DCDC converter for  automotive lamp driver. 50V
ASIC for cochlear implants  80V
Medical imaging readout chipset  32V
Switch mode controller ASIC 80V
High-power PWM controller 80V

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