High-Voltage (+120V) ASIC for automotive diagnostics

High-Voltage (+120V) ASIC for automotive diagnostics

The ASIC contains all major automotive communication protocols like CAN (HS-CAN, SW-CAN), J1850, PWM and OWI. It interfaces with the car ECU (Engine Control Unit) and has a HV (High-Voltage) switch matrix to support multiple car brands.

Key Features:

  • HV Power management
  • Pin switch matrix
  • Multiple transceiver protocols:
    • HS-CAN, High-Speed CAN (ISO11898-2)
    • SW-CAN, Single-Wire CAN (SAE J2411)
    • K-Line
    • J1850
  • Active voltage sampling
  • Designed for EMC, ISO pulses (ISO16750-2, ISO7637-2)
  • 12×12 QFN-88
  • 0.5um HV, SOI process upto 150V

Chip layout:

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