40-channel DBS brain stimulation and recording ASIC

40-channel DBS brain stimulation and recording ASIC

The ASIC is part of a novel DBS system with at least 40 electrodes for steering brain stimulation and brain recording. The ASIC is close to the electrodes, not part of the IPG/INS.  For safety, AC power is transferred to the ASIC through a dedicated DC-AC-DC conversion scheme over the lead cable together with the data. ASIC power consumption is extremely minimized for battery life. The ASIC distributes the stimulation currents to the electrodes with a high compliance voltage. In addition, the ASIC records up to 10 electrodes and can measure the brain impedance (patented). The ASIC is EMC and MRI compatible.


  • AC power transfer between IPG and ASIC is based on DC-AC-DC conversion
  • High-voltage pulse stimulation on 40-electrodes through a high-voltage switch matrix
  • 10 differential sensing channels to record small neurological brain signals (0.1mV – 10mV)
  • Ultra-low-power of only 15 uA in stimulation mode
  • Recording mode current consumption <10uA
  • On-chip brain impedance measurement
  • MRI / EMC / ESD compatible
  • 0.35um 50V BCD technology

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