ASIC development for MEMS

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Looking for an ASIC to interface your MEMS or sensor element? ICsense has Europe’s largest fab-independent design team ready to support you. ICsense’s expertise is grounded in first class precision analog, mixed-signal, and high-voltage ASIC design combined with comprehensive system modelling:

  • High-precision readout chains
  • High-voltage MEMS actuation
  • Ultra-low-power MEMS applications
  • Experience with motion (IMU), sound (mic/speaker) and pressure
    • ASIC to account for un-modeled MEMS effects
    • Electrical parasitics (capacitance, resistance)
    • Non-linearity in MEMS
    • Parasitic oscillation
    • Temperature dependency of MEMS device
    • Non-idealities in manufacturing process
      • Alignment mismatch (mechanical coupling, off-axis error)
      • Electrical mismatch (offset capacitance)
      • Quality factor variation
      • Sensitivity variation
  • Advanced DSP for compensation of non-idealities

    E.g. on-chip calibration using programmable polynomial

ICsense is known for repeatable, first-time-right project execution and on-time delivery — thanks to its unique design flow. Read more about our MEMS interface skill set here.

To see how ICsense can help your next ASIC design, visit  Or reach out directly at or by phone at +32 16 589 700.


We don’t boast of our influence on markets too often, but in the case of MEMS we have an enviable reputation and have made a significant impact. For instance:

  • ICsense’s technology is behind the MEMS gyro stabilising system used in production on the Segway – the radical two wheeled personal transport system.
  • We are the team Audio Pixels turned to when they needed a high voltage driver for their digital MEMS speaker. This is moving to production now. (read the press release)
  • We were selected to provide the electronic development support for a new medical diagnostic system, funded by the European Union. The  MEMS Lab-on-chip detects early stage cancer symptoms in blood, in a simple, quick to use sensor.

So to us, MEMS is simply a technology category we understand, and one where we can add value to enhance your project.

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