MEMS interface skillset

MEMS interface skillset

1. Primary design expertise centers on

  • precision, high-resolution analog
  • efficient power management
  • high-voltage at low cost

2. Unique methodical design flow

  • helps identify economic design trade-offs
  • reduces technical risk
  • flow fully comprehends base process capabilities enabling high reliability or extended temperature range operation

3. Full system modelling (ASIC + MEMS) and virtualisation allow customers to see early on in the project the results expected from the finished system

4. Right first time project execution, claimed by our competitors but rarely achieved*


ICsense is one of the few ASIC companies in the position to support both design services or full turnkey (design + supply) projects. In the latter case, we have well established product production flows allowing us to ship production material and we have the skills in-house to address production test development (ATE), packaging and qualification. Furthermore, we maintain a 100% success rate for right first time project execution.

These then are the superior talents making ICsense the obvious first choice as a design partner for MEMS projects across the broadest array of applications including:

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Consumer
  • Automotive/aerospace

Finally, as ICsense has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485, you really can trust us to deliver, whatever your application. So when you select ICsense as your MEMS ASIC partner, you can be confident you have selected the route to minimise your technical and commercial risk.
Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our customers have to say in the testimonials we have collected since 2004┬áin the ASIC business.

* Few ASIC vendors have the proven bespoke system modelling capabilities available to us here at ICsense. Our unique strategic design environment gives us an advantage at each step of the development process. Most importantly for our customer partners, it enables a detailed assessment of system level trade-offs at the earliest stage of the design process. This provides an unparalleled clarity to the economic impact of specific design decisions and allows us to agree with more certainty the specification details. Through this capability we are able to share more information and develop more trusting development partnerships. Its this system that has returned 10+ years of right first time functionality to our ASIC projects and its part of the reason we enjoy a >90% repeat business with our customer partners.

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