12-bit MEMS gyroscope interface ASIC

12-bit MEMS gyroscope interface ASIC

This ASIC is the core of the gyroscope-based stabilisation in the Segway. The ASIC interfaces directly with the vibrating ring MEMS gyroscope and contains both the high-voltage, high-accuracy driving chain as the low-noise angle detection circuitry. The high-voltage driving chain is based on a temperature stable, mHz accuracy tuning system. The low-noise angle detection is integrated with high-end switched capacitor techniques to achieve low-noise and ultra-low-power operation. It has been successfully brought into volume production.


  • 8-bit tunable VCO with fast tracking
  • HV MEMS driver chain
    • Sub-Hz accuracy (DAC resolution 0.171 Hz / LSB)
    • Self-protecting H-bridge drivers
    • +12-bit accuracy
  • High-accuracy angle detection circuits
    • Switched capacitor bandpass filter and amplifiers
    • Low-noise
    • +12-bit accuracy
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
  • 0.35um BCD CMOS

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