Going from PCB to a custom IC

Going from PCB to a custom IC

ICsense regularly hosts webinars to provide useful insights in how and when to use ASICs (Application Specific ICs) for automotive, medical, industrial and consumer projects. Sharpen your knowledge on electronics integration and learn if it is useful for your company as well.

Cost, size and performance gains

Ever wondered how your can reduce your product cost by using a custom ASIC (Application Specific IC) replacing your discrete components ? Had issues with the lead times of your discrete components lately ? Is it worth investing in a custom IC made for you company only to protect your IP (Intellectual Property) ? 

Content of this video: In industrial (sensor) markets, the use of discrete components is often the first approach for a company to hit the market. However at a certain moment in time, the question comes wether or not to integrate these components into your own ASIC (Application Specific IC) as a way to lower costs (BOM-Bill Of Material, cost of assembly, cost of test). Other advantages include an increased performance, lower power consumption, smaller size and a guaranteed supply chain over the years. The decision to integrate or not depends on a number of business and technical factors which will be discussed during this webinar. There will be a special focus on functional safety (IEC61508) ASIC developments since this is growing segment in the industrial markets. The theoretical concepts will be illustrated with real world examples and business cases.

Presenter: Jeroen Van Ham (Sr. Business Development Manager)

Contact: sales@icsense.com



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