Generic ASIC for neuromodulation

Generic ASIC for neuromodulation

Generic stimulation/recording ASIC for implants

We developed this ASIC for the company Sapiens, who got acquired by Medtronic recently. It is the core part of a brain probe which contains 40 electrodes to stimulate the brain much more precisely than what is possible with today’s DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) implants.

The ASIC has 10 on-chip Pulse Generators (PG) to generate fully programmable pulse patterns and uses an on-chip DCDC converter to generate the required voltages. The stimulation pulses can be routed to the 40 electrodes of the probe through a High-Voltage switch matrix. To measure the response of the brain, the IC contains 10 differential sensing channels and ADCs. The device is MRI compatible and was developed in a 0.35 BCD process. A chip photo can be found on our website.

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