New sensor ASICs in electric vehicles

New sensor ASICs in electric vehicles

Electrification and autonomous driving boosting ASIC demand

Hybrid and full electrical cars, in combination with autonomous driving, boost the world of automotive sensors and interfacing ASICs. The volume will triple with the volume of cars sold thanks to the expanding integration of high value sensing modules. These modules are based on magnetic, current sensing, inertial, pressure, ultrasonic, imaging and/or RADAR/LiDAR functionalities.

Also the type of sensors evolves: electrical cars require accurate magnetic sensors for battery monitoring, current sensing and various positioning and detection of rotating parts. The main challenge is to achieve the demanding requirements, while keeping high standards for robustness (EMC/EMI) and functional safety requirements (ISO26262).

ICsense developed a TMR angle sensor interface ASIC with 0.2deg angle accuracy (=best on the market !). It includes on-chip dynamic compensation for offset, gain and distortion errors, to achieve high angle accuracy performance. To increase overall robustness in harsh environments (vibrations, temperature, EMC, …) all is integrated in one SiP sensor module directly connected to the wiring harness. The ASIC is ISO26262 ASIL-B compliant (SEooC).

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