CTO Tim Piessens to succeed Prof. M. Steyaert at ESAT-MICAS

CTO Tim Piessens to succeed Prof. M. Steyaert at ESAT-MICAS

Tim Piessens, CTO at ICsense, will succeed Prof. M. Steyaert at the esteemed micro-electronics research group, ESAT-MICAS, at KU Leuven

Leuven, Belgium – Feb 12th 2024

ICsense, Europe’s leading ASIC supplier, proudly announces that Tim Piessens, its Chief Technology Officer, has been elected to succeed Professor M. Steyaert at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), commencing September 1st, 2024.

“The fact that our CTO has been rewarded this prestigious position, acknowledges our dedication to high-end, state-of-the-art developments,” says CEO Bram De Muer. “We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Tim in his new role. This will strengthen the link between ICsense and the university and lead to increased and improved opportunities for students and research collaborations.”

The next half year Tim will remain fully devoted to ICsense. “We are confident that Tim, also in his new function, will continue to support ICsense in its ongoing pursuit to deliver world-class ASICs (Application Specific ICs)”, De Muer adds. Together with the full leadership team, ICsense has diligently prepared for the forthcoming transition by redistributing his tasks and responsibilities.

With the rest of the ICsense’s management team maintaining leadership, ICsense remains committed to its values of innovation, collaboration, and growth, and this transition marks a new chapter in the company’s journey. The entire ICsense family expresses gratitude for Tim’s dedication and wishes him continued success in his role as a professor.

About ICsense: ICsense -an independent subsidiary of the TDK group- is Europe’s premier IC design company. ICsense’s core business is ASIC development and supply and custom IC design services. ICsense has the largest fab-independent European design group with world-class expertise in analog, digital, mixed-signal and high-voltage IC design. The company develops and supplies customer exclusive ASIC solutions for the automotive, medical, industrial and consumer market compliant with ISO9001, ISO13485, IEC61508-ISO26262.

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