Falcon 9 brings ICsense chips in space

Falcon 9 brings ICsense chips in space

ICsense is pleased to share that ASTRA 1P has just been successfully launched by a Falcon 9. This brings to 282 the number of DPC CQFP in flight and now approaching 5 millions hours flight heritage. ICsense developed one of the core blocks in the system, the DPC = Digital Power Controller.

The ASTRA 1P communications satellite, developed by Thales Alenia Space, was successfully launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral. This satellite, positioned at 19.2° East in geostationary orbit, is outfitted with 80 Ku-band transponders. These transponders will enable the broadcast of over 500 TV channels across Europe. ASTRA 1P is set to maintain SES services to 119 million European TV households until 2040. Thales Alenia Space, a collaboration between Thales and Leonardo, managed the satellite’s design, development, and launch campaign.

The launch marks a significant milestone for both Thales Alenia Space and SES, ensuring uninterrupted service for SES’s extensive European customer base. The satellite’s advanced technology will enhance signal quality and reliability, providing a robust platform for future broadcasting needs. This development highlights the ongoing partnership and technological advancements achieved by Thales Alenia Space in the aerospace industry.

For more details, visit the Thales Group article

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