Mixed-Signal ASICs for Space applications

Mixed-Signal ASICs for Space applications

6th International Workshop on Analogue and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits for Space Applications
12th – 15th June 2016

Organized in collaboration with ESA, AMICSA is an international forum for the presentation and discussion of recent advances in analogue and mixed-signal design techniques and technologies for space applications.

ICsense brought to production multiple radiation hardened (rad hard) ASICs of which the analog parts were designed using ICsense’s dedicated SET/TID simulation flow.

Conference topics:

  • Radiation Effects on analogue and mixed-signal ICs
  • Methodologies for Radiation Hardening on analogue circuits at cell-, circuit-, and system design level
  • Radiation-hardened technologies for analogue ICs
  • Radiation tests of analogue and mixed-signal ICs
  • Qualifying and quantifying radiation-hardness of analogue circuits
  • Space Applications for analogue and mixed-Signal ICs
  • Analogue intellectual property and re-usability of analogue circuits in space
  • Needs and Requirements for analogue and mixed-signal ICs in future space missions
  • In-orbit Experiences and flight heritage of analogue and mixed-signal ICs

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