ICsense Accelerates Innovation in Microfabricated Medical Devices

ICsense Accelerates Innovation in Microfabricated Medical Devices

Leuven, July 15th 2020 – With Covid-19 as accelerator, the medical device market is expected to grow by more than 20% CAGR. ICsense will participate in the Moore4Medical (M4M) ECSEL Joint Undertaking consortium to drive innovation in application domains such as bio-electronic medicines, organ-on-chip, drug adherence monitoring, smart ultrasound, radiation free interventions and continuous monitoring.

Accelerate innovation in medical devices

It is the overarching objective of Moore4Medical to accelerate innovation in electronic medical devices. The project addresses emerging medical applications and technologies that offer significant new opportunities for the Electronic Systems & Components (ECS) industry. The new technologies will help fighting the increasing cost of healthcare by: reducing the need for hospitalisation, helping to develop personalized therapies, and realising intelligent Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostic tools.

Custom ASIC for neural stimulator

As part of the project, ICsense will be responsible for a custom ASIC (Application Specific IC) development as the core component of an active neural stimulator implant. The neural stimulator prevents chronical headaches by local electrical stimulation. The ASIC will include a wireless power link and circuits providing voltage-based stimulation through an external electrode.

Bridging the Valley of Death

M4M will bring together 66 selected companies, universities and institutes from 12 countries who will develop open technology platforms for these emerging fields to help them bridge “the Valley of Death” in shorter time and at lower cost. Open technology platforms used by multiple users for multiple applications with the prospect of medium to high volume markets are an attractive proposition for the European ECS industry. The combination of typical MedTech and Pharma applications with an ECS style platform approach will enhance the competitiveness for the emerging medical domains addressed in Moore4Medical. With value and IP moving from the technology level towards applications and solutions, defragmentation and open technology platforms will be key in acquiring and maintaining a premier position for Europe in the forefront of affordable healthcare. 


The ECSEL Joint Undertaking – the Public-Private Partnership for Electronic Components and Systems – funds Research, Development and Innovation projects for world-class expertise in these key enabling technologies, essential for Europe’s competitive leadership in the era of the digital economy. Through the ECSEL JU, the European industry, SMEs and Research and Technology Organisations are supported and co-financed by 30 ECSEL Participating States and the European Union. ECSEL JU launches annual Calls for Proposals for research, development and innovation projects. You can find information about open Calls, and about projects that were selected from previous Calls, on the respective pages.

More information: https://www.health-lighthouse.eu

Moore4Medical has received funding within the Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU) in collaboration with the European Union’s H2020 Framework Programme (H2020/2014-2020) and National Authorities, under grant agreement H2020-ECSEL-2019-IA-876190 www.moore4medical.eu

About ICsense

ICsense -an independent subsidiary of the TDK group- is Europe’s premier IC design company. ICsense’s core business is ASIC development and supply and custom IC design services. ICsense has the largest fab-independent European design group with world-class expertise in analog, digital, mixed-signal and high-voltage IC design. The company develops and supplies customer exclusive ASIC solutions for the automotive, medical, industrial and consumer market compliant with ISO9001, ISO13485, IEC61508-ISO26262.

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