High-voltage ASIC in memopatch

High-voltage ASIC in memopatch

Medication reminder ASIC with 1000ppm fully integrated clock

ICsense developed an ASIC for TheraSolve(c) reminding patients to take their medication. The MemoPatch(r) looks like a common transdermal nicotine patch, but has powerful integrated micro-electronics inside. It delivers a mild, but undeniable electrical impulse to the patient’s skin serving as a reminder. ICsense incorporated 1000 ppm on-chip timers without external components at a power consumption of only a few tens of µW. Triggered by the timer, a high-efficiency DC/DC converter and high-voltage driver circuit converts energy from a button cell power source into a series of high-voltage pulses large enough to be perceptible by the patient but non-irritating to them.

Read the full article at EETimes here.

Custom IC design for Cochlear (video)

Since 2004 ICsense develops custom analog and mixed-signal IP for Cochlear’s hearing implants. Cochlear is the leading global expert in implantable hearing solutions with HQ in Australia. “At Cochlear, we want to work on the edge of technology and in an iterative way we need to find out what is technically achievable on chip. As a result, a clear specification sheet is not always available in the beginning of a project,” explains Carl Van Himbeeck, GM at Cochlear, “We have been working with ICsense for over 10 years for mainly 3 reasons 1) their technical competence, 2) their experience in design for implantable medical use and 3) the open cooperation model”.

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