xEV, ADAS and industrial automation drive the need for cutting-edge ASICs

xEV, ADAS and industrial automation drive the need for cutting-edge ASICs

By 2030 over 30% of the cars sold will be electric, leading to three times more sensors and the need for more intelligent battery and current management. In addition, more cars will have some level of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), requiring more sensors, such as solid-state LIDAR. Both disruptive trends drive the need for innovative ASICs.

ICsense is best positioned to tackle this challenge with its previous experience in EV battery management ASICs (cell balancing), highly-accurate and fast current and positioning sensors and MEMS driving and controlling ASICs. Pieter De Muyter, VP Engineering at ICsense explains, “The above ASICs are all ASIL-B(D). Our development process is ISO26262 compliant for ASIC developments up to ASIL-C, and ASIL-D at system level with in-house Functional Safety Engineers.” ICsense is uniquely positioned to take on cutting-edge FuSa automotive projects.

In the industrial market, automation and predictive maintenance, is driving the need for industrial sensor interfaces, time-of-flight ASICs, smart metering but also more (high-voltage) actuators and drivers. To optimize their Bill-Of-Material (BOM) and safeguard their intellectual property, our industrial customers are recognizing the significance of custom ASICs that are exclusively tailored to their specific requirements. ICsense is managing the complete supply chain for these ASICs with multiple foundries and OSAT partners on various continents. Thanks to this network, ICsense is able to offer the best technological and strategic fit for each ASIC development.

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