Leave the light on in Corona times

Leave the light on in Corona times

The world is moving into unchartered territories and is experiencing a time that will have its place in history books. With this message, I want to inform you that ICsense continues its operations at the full 100%. Our lights are on, so to speak, be it at everybody’s home office these days. Together, we go the extra mile to ensure our customers minimal impact on project execution and product supply.

Historically, we invested in powerful number crunchers and servers, and low-latency VPN connections to make sure our team of experts can work and meet remotely just like they would from our headquarters. Our valued customers will get the support they are used to and we aim at fulfilling our commitments on-time and within the quality standards of ICsense.

The situation is new to us all, but no one is alone. The whole world is going through what, I hope, will be a uniting experience that will change the world positively afterwards. We all hope the situation turns back to normal as soon as possible. Meanwhile keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Bram De Muer
CEO ICsense
A TDK group company

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