ICsense becomes part of TDK group

ICsense becomes part of TDK group

ICsense, the leading European mixed-signal IC design company, announced today that TDK’s wholly-owned subsidiary TDK-Micronas GmbH (“TDK-Micronas”), a leading supplier of Hall-effect sensors based in Freiburg, Germany, and ICsense NV have signed an agreement of acquisition of shares. 

This transaction is a win-win opportunity for both ICsense and TDK. ICsense can further boost its ASIC development and supply offering with a stable and strong partner in i.a. back-end and supply. TDK can further boost its sensor and actuator business by expanding its portfolio with various sensors, in addition to its own pressure, temperature, current and magnetic sensors.

ICsense will not work for TDK exclusively. The majority of the design resources will work on developing innovative ASICs and providing IC design services for new and existing customers outside the TDK group. The core expertise of ICsense will remain in sensor and MEMS interfacing, high-voltage, power and battery management for automotive, industrial, medical and consumer markets.


Matthias Bopp (CEO TDK-Micronas) and Bram De Muer (CEO ICsense) shake hands on the transaction

“I am proud to say that ICsense now becomes part of one of the largest electronic component providers in the world. This partnership will give us the unique opportunity to further expand our ASIC supply business,” says Bram De Muer, CEO of ICsense, “The management, the organization and the legal form of ICsense will remain unchanged. Our customers will benefit from the strong back-end flow and worldwide presence. Being part of the TDK group will strengthen the reputation, stability and longevity of ICsense and it ensures our position as long-term ASIC supplier.”

TDK-Micronas GmbH is part of the TDK Group, a Japanese stock-quoted multinational which is one of the largest electronic components manufacturers in the world (http://www.global.tdk.com/). “With this acquisition we have taken another decisive step forward in our sensor business, strengthening our position in the automotive and industrial market and providing increased value and services for our customers,” says Matthias Bopp, General Manager of TDK’s Magnetic Sensors Business Group and CEO of TDK-Micronas. ”Our existing strength in magnetic sensor technology, combined with the expertise gained with this acquisition, puts us in the excellent position to shape the era of all kind of applications for the automotive and industrial industry.”

Read official press release : http://www.global.tdk.com/news_center/press/201703284404.htm

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