ICsense achieves 14% revenue growth and EBITDA nearing 2 MEuro

ICsense achieves 14% revenue growth and EBITDA nearing 2 MEuro

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ICsense has announced its financial results for fiscal year 2022, showcasing a 14% boost in revenue, culminating in a revenue figure of 15.8 Million Euros. Driven by a stream of recurring product income, the company has also significantly enhanced its EBITDA, nearing the 2 Million Euro mark. “This achievement is a testament to our ability to adapt to evolving market dynamics, capitalizing on emerging opportunities, and effectively serving to an expanding customer base,” says Bram De Muer, CEO of ICsense.

With a steadily growing EBITDA, the company showcases its financial strength. “This allows us to further invest in equipment and engineers as part of our long term master plan,” concludes De Muer.


Early 2021, ICsense did its initial investment in the V93K ATE (Automated Testing Equipment) platform. ATE is required to test every individual ASIC during mass production to make sure it fulfills all requirements before being shipped to the customer. ICsense develops the test programs in-house. The close interaction with the ASIC design team assures that the Design for Test (DfT) and the development of the production test are better aligned.

As part of the long term investment plan, another ATE platform was installed this summer (2023). “This new ATE expansion supports the growth we see in full turnkey projects (design and supply of ASICs) at ICsense” explains Wim Claes, CBDO and in-charge of product engineering, “Furthermore we hired additional product engineers that take care of the mass production cycle. Currently we support ASIC volumes upto 500Munits per year.”

With this expansion in test and product support, ICsense strengthens its position as independent ASIC design and supply company and is one of the few companies that offers the full development track in-house for customer exclusive ASICs.


  • SEP 13: Flanders Semiconductors Network event – Leuven (link)
  • SEP 27 – 28: Global Foundries Technology Summit – Germany (link)
  • OCT 19: Samsung Foundry Forum EMEA – Germany (link)
  • OCT 25 – 27: SEDEX – Korea (Booth: D – 253) (link)
  • NOV 28 – DEC 1: TechnoForum TDK – Japan (invitation only)
  • APR 9 – 11: Embedded World – Germany (Hall 4 – 558) (link)

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