ECSEL-project InForMed marked as success story by the European Commission!

ECSEL-project InForMed marked as success story by the European Commission!

This EU and industry-funded project has developed a new platform approach for the development of next-generation medical devices. The project has established a pilot-line to enable innovative companies to develop, manufacture and test medical devices and prototypes and to ensure European leadership in this innovative technology sector.

ICsense collaborated with more than 40 partners in the EU-funded ECSEL project InForMed (project ID: 662155) and developed a new ASIC for a chip-in-tip deep brain stimulation (DBS) probe, to redirect stimulation currents from the IPG (implantable pulse generator) to the electrode. The ASIC must fit inside the high-resolution electrode probe, posing a challenge on how to fit all the functionality in a long, thin ASIC while having sufficient mechanical stability for assembly. The final ASIC is 0.8×6 mm with a thickness of less than 200um and can drive 8 stimulation channels from 3 to -12V. This design was done in close collaboration with Medtronic, Salvia Bioelectronics, Murata Integrated Passive Solutions and TU Delft. 

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