Covid-19 update from CEO

Covid-19 update from CEO

Growing our team

First of all, I hope you and your family are all in good health. As you know, the pandemic has a devastating effect on the economy. The I.M.F. now expects the global economy to shrink by 4.9%, and unemployment to climb to nearly 10%. However, the time of recovery will come and we need to be prepared. 

ICsense is in the business of developing first-of-a-kind ASICs that hit the market in 2-4 years, resulting in a limited impact of COVID-19 for now. Our operations and IT infrastructure have proven to be resilient. We expect that many companies will ramp up their investments as soon as the pandemic slows down or a vaccine is found and we are preparing for this moment. To keep our customers and the market up to date on our offering, we enhanced our digital communication channels. We will release our new website early July. In addition, we enlarged our team and increased the ASIC test capacity to provide our customers a more comprehensive offering. We decided to not let this crisis go to waste and create an even stronger team at your service.

Bram De Muer 
CEO ICsense 
A TDK group company

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