ASIC as enabler for eHealth

ASIC as enabler for eHealth

ICsense will present at Silicon Saxony day on Tuesday June 20th in the Expert session called “Smart Health”.

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Future healthcare will become largely dominated by electronics.  The transition from hospital based care, through home care and consumer wearables is only possible by the innovations in IC design. Chips become smarter, smaller, faster and can run longer on a single battery.
In this presentation we will explore the challenges and possibilities of designing medical ASICs, compliant to ISO qualifications for medical devices (ISO13485). These can be roughly divided in 3 groups being the lab-on-chip systems, wearable electronics and the implants. They all have different challenges and require specific mindsets. The development approach will be explained and illustrated with practical use cases, such as brain implants (DBS), cancer cell detection systems and electronic patches.



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