Webinar expert series

Webinar expert series

Throughout 2019, ICsense hosted 3 webinars to provide useful insights in how and when to use ASICs (Application Specific ICs) for automotive, medical, industrial and consumer projects. Sharpen your knowledge on electronics integration and learn if it is useful for your company as well.

Custom ASIC as enabler for MedTech

In this webinar, we will explain the benefits of developing a custom ISO13485 compliant ASIC for your next generation medical platform.

Going from PCB to a custom IC: cost, size and performance gains

Decide when it’s time to integrate your discrete components into an own ASIC (Application Specific IC) as a way to lower costs.

Battery Management ICs complying with functional safety

Working with functional safety and diagnostic features in state-of-the-art automotive IC design and Battery Management Systems

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