Ultrasonic TX/RX imaging for medical applications

Ultrasonic TX/RX imaging for medical applications

This mixed-signal ASIC is interfaced to a PZT transducer array composing a state-of-the art ultrasonic TX/RX system for medical imaging applications. Individual elements are grouped by Sub-aperture (SAP) groups, each containing over 20 transducer elements.


  • Application: Ultrasonic imaging of soft tissue
  • RX/TX analog interface and configuration of piezo-electrical transducer array
    • TX: 2..60Vpp, 10 mA, operating frequency 4.5MHz
    • RX: 500mVpp, 32uApp
  • >2000 PZT transducer elements, directly interfaced to die
    • On-board waveform generator to parametrise all TX signals
    • Integrated HV / LV protection switches (TX vs. RX mode)
    • Analog RX interface with transconductance pre-amplifier + balanced mixer
    • Per element / group configuration via LVDS interface:
      • RX phase / TX delay setup
      • Delay and phase computation
      • Waveform generation

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