ULP sensor read-out ASIC with ISO15693 compliant NFC

ULP sensor read-out ASIC with ISO15693 compliant NFC

This ASIC is part of a battery powered wearable device. It has an on-chip ISO15693 compliant NFC to power the device externally and communicate with a standard NFC reader. The sensor readout contains an ultra-low-power front-end. A custom digital sequencer is implemented to optimise device power consumption.


  • Ultra low-power sensor read-out with integrated NFC front-end
    • Battery powered
    • High-accuracy and ultra low-power measurement chain
    • Ultra low-power storage mode
  • Near-Field Communication (NFC) front-end
    • Direct powering from NFC field (13.56 MHz), no external power needed
    • 2-way communication: wake-up and measurement data transfer
    • NFC interface compliant with ISO15693
  • On-chip digital macro including:
    • SPI interface
    • NFC protocol
    • Measurement sequencer
    • Digital signal processing
    • Built-In Self Test (BIST)
  • 0.18um 1.8/3.3V process

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