MEMS mirror driver ASIC for interactive projection

MEMS mirror driver ASIC for interactive projection

The High-Voltage mixed-signal ASIC is part of a laser based pico-projector system. It is able to accurately drive the MEMS mirrors. The ASIC includes a position sensing read-out to feedback the mirror position. Applications include consumer pico-projectors, head-up displays, Human-Machine interfacing, …


  • Dedicated MEMS scanning mirrors for horizontal and vertical deflections:
    • Low-power optimized drive control & position sensing
    • High-precision position feedback, allowing for closed-loop motion control
    • Fail-safe detection that enables compliance with laser safety requirements
  • Front-end design for MEMS mirror driver ASIC:
    • Laser drivers
    • Mirror control & position sensing:
    • Low-power optimized MEMS drive control (14-bit DAC)
    • Highly-accurate position sensing, 14-bit ADC & read-out chain
    • SPI / I2C interface towards baseband/graphic processor
  • 0.18um CMOS

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