Digital DCDC converter ASIC / Single-Inductor Multiple-output (SIMO)

Digital DCDC converter ASIC / Single-Inductor Multiple-output (SIMO)

Power management ASIC for industrial encoder in CNCA versatile PoL (Point of Load) power supply ASIC for industrial encoder applications. It powers a micro-controller, a sensor ASIC, communication chip, … close to its application. The ASIC generates 4 power supply levels with a single inductor and contains a digital controller for maximal versatility:
  • Single stage, fully integrated and non-isolated: saves energy, size and cost by eliminating the need for an intermediate bus, transformers and reducing BOM (Bill-Of-Material)
  • Combines a digital versatile controller with diagnostics and integrated low-ohmic power switches in a single package to deliver required currents with reduced component count and improved performance under dynamic load conditions
  • Minimizes losses caused by voltage drops, helps overcome noise sensitivity and EMI emission issues


  • Power management and monitoring for industrial encoder applications
  • Flexible buck DCDC 3.3-40V to 1.0-3.3V
  • 4 digital controlled output levels
  • SIMO (Single Inductor Multiple Outputs). Single inductor to minimize BOM
  • RS485 TRX on-chip (16kV HBM)
  • High temperature 150 °C
  • IEC61000-4-2 12kV contact discharge
  • 0.35u 50V BCD process
  • BGA49 5×5

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