ASICs as enabler for MedTech

ASICs as enabler for MedTech

ICsense regularly hosts webinars to provide useful insights in how and when to use ASICs (Application Specific ICs) for automotive, medical, industrial and consumer projects. Sharpen your knowledge on electronics integration and learn if it is useful for your company as well.

In this webinar, we will explain the benefits of developing a custom ISO13485 compliant ASIC for your next generation medical platform.

Smaller, better, lower-power

Content of this video: A new wave of sensors, responding to the challenge of global healthcare revolution, opens new business opportunities for mobile healthcare and emerging non-invasive devices. The sensor revolution is part of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), able to monitor the status of objects, environments or individuals, capture meaningful data, potentially interact and communicate valuable information over networks. Enabling IoT in healthcare, will generate a direct improvement spanning the continuum of care, from hospital to clinic to the patient’s home and workplace. Custom, medical ISO13485 qualified, Application Specific IC (ASIC) development is playing a key role in this MedTech revolution. Indeed, custom IC development will enable dedicated, miniaturised, low-power and high-performant sensor solutions, while protecting your core therapeutic/functional IP and guaranteeing your own supply chain for many years. In this webinar, we will explain the benefits of developing a custom ASIC for your next generation platform, while making the right trade-offs of using off-the-shelve components and what to include in your custom ASIC. A specific focus is given on the development, manufacturing and medical qualification flow, and will be illustrated with real business cases (in collaboration with ON Semiconductor).

Presenter: Carolien Martens (Business Development Manager)


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