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  • Value proposition - custom ASIC design and supply


    The development of an ASIC has many advantages:

    • Reduce the bill-of-material costs of your product
    • Reduce the test and assembly costs
    • Protect your IP
    • Reduce the size and weight 
    • Lower the power consumption
    • Increase the performance and reliability

    ICsense - Value proposition ASIC design

    Quality assurance

    • High-quality foundry selection: We only work with the best foundries to guarantee that the ASICs you get are of the highest quality.
    • Design and validation reporting: We are known for our open communication and close involvement. We document every phase of the design, and we commit to high-quality reports. Through bi-weekly reports, calls and regular on-site meetings, we closely involve our customers in the design process.
    • Package selection : We select the most optimal package for your application, together with our partners that are longstanding experts in the field.
    • Bench testing: In our in-house lab, our engineers analyse your ASICs on custom-designed test boards.
    • ATE production tests and calibration: Every chip is verified using a custom-developed ATE (automated test equipment) test program. Only known good dies are shipped.. As part of the ATE procedure, the chips can be calibrated and custom programmed according to your needs.
    • Statistical tests (CPK) and industrialisation/skew lots:  We do our statistical analysis on a large number of ATE-tested samples to guarantee high yields and low ASIC unit prices. During skew lots, process variations are deliberately introduced to stretch the ASICs to their boundaries. This is to guarantee the robustness of the ASICs over process corners and potential drifts.
    • ESD and latch-up tests: These tests are performed to ensure a high reliability of the ASIC.
    • ISO 9001:2008 procedures: The internal project flow is subject to the ISO procedures, ensuring our deliverables meet the highest quality.
    • Project management: ICsense assigns a single point of contact to your project and manages the complete cycle. From initial study to the ASIC in mass production.