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    IC design is the core activity of ICsense. The company belongs to the top of Europe in state-of-the-art mixed-signal chip developments for internationally renowned customers. Our innovative designs are in the newest smartphones and tablets, medical implants, cars, industrial plants, RFID devices, etc.

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    Design services

    ICsense' analog and digital IC design team is composed of +30% PhD’s in the field of micro-electronics. Through expertise and innovation, ICsense' mission is to design the world's most performant analog building blocks and mixed-signal circuits. Our unique design methodology is a guarantee for quality designs and low risk.


    Architectural Design

    • Feasibility assessment and concept definition
    • ASIC spec and architectural definition
    • Choice of technology and package
    • Power, area, yield estimates
    • Cost, timing and risk assessment

    IC Design and Layout

    Chip design at ICsense 
    • Modelling in Verilog-A, VHDL-AMS, Verilog-AMS
    • Design/layout of advanced analog, mixed-signal, high-voltage integrated circuits
    • Design for testability (DFT) and ESD
    • Full PVT and Monte Carlo simulations
    • Digital design, VHDL coding
    Download and print the brochure on IC design.