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    Fixed IP

    Please contact us for service, licensing and support. Full datasheets available on request.

    IP Technology Download Status
    1.8V/3.3V capable general purpose digital IO pad (based on 1.8V devices) TSMC 28HP 0.9/1.8V  Silicon proven
    1.8V/3.3V capable general purpose digital IO pad (based on 1.8V devices) TSMC 40G 0.9/1.8V (LP 1.1/1.8V) Silicon proven
    3-output Low-Voltage Bandgap Reference TSMC 0u13 G Silicon proven
    Xtal-less multi-frequency oscillator (50MHz to 80 MHz) TSMC 0u13 G  Silicon proven


    Radiation Hardened IP

    Please contact us for service, licensing and support. Full datasheets available on request. 

    IP Technology Download Status
    13 bit, 1MSps ADC UMC 0u18  - Silicon Proven
    12 bit, 3.75MSps DAC UMC 0u18 - Silicon Proven
    120MHz fully integrated PLL UMC 0u18 - Silicon Proven
    Accurate voltage/current bandgap reference UMC 0u18 - Silicon Proven
    Xtal-less 100kHz reference oscillator UMC 0u18  - Silicon Proven
    13 bit, 1MSps ADC XFAB XH018 - In development
    12 bit, 3.75MSps DAC XFAB XH018 - In development
    120MHz fully integrated PLL XFAB XH018 - In development
    Accurate voltage/current bandgap reference XFAB XH018 - In development
    Xtal-less 100kHz reference oscillator XFAB XH018 - In development


    Customisable Silicon proven IP 

    Analog – Low-power / reference circuits (bias current generation, bandgap, buffers, …) / 150 ppm, 4σ accurate, curvature compensated 1.4V bandgap reference / sub-uA 1.1V bandgap reference / ±3% accurate, untrimmed bandgaps / opamps (gain-boosting, offset compensated, low-power, …) / I-V converters (low power, fast settling, >12 bit accuracy, autozero, chopping) / comparators (low-offset, autozero, high-speed, low-power) / variable-gain amplifiers/ low-power class AB opamps / Class D amplifiers / High-accuracy, fast reference buffers / EMC-tolerant class AB output drivers / High load output buffers / High-input-impedance, high-CMRR instrumentation amplifiers / Switched-capacitor circuits (filters, amps, common-mode feedback, correlated-double-sampling, kt/C noise reduction, low-noise, high-accuracy) / chopping techniques for 1/f noise and offset reduction / Filters (HP, LP, BP, switched cap, gm-C) / Mixers (Gilbert cell, linear) / Amplitude locked loop / Automated gain control / 300-928MHz Fractional-N PLLs for RKE and TPM in 0.13 and 0.25um / Low jitter, 2 ps rms,  8 MHz, 2 mA instrumentation PLL, 0.18um / Integer PLLs in 0.35um, 0.18um / kHz to MHz Xtal oscillators / Oscillators (RC, voltage-controlled, current-controlled, ring, low jitter, low phase-noise, low-power) / 3 MHz, 400nA current starved ring oscillator / 1% acc., 10 MHz, 10uA relaxation oscillator / 265 MHz 22uA current starved ring oscillator / 1 MHz, 10ppm/˚C stable oscillator / ±20% accurate, untrimmed 50-60-80MHz xtal-less clock/ 50 MHz, 20ps rms, 150uA ring oscillator, +-2% over PVT, monte-carlo / Low-power watchdog oscillators / Frequency watchdogs / 12 bit, -40-170˚C, 1˚C digital temperature sensor in 0.2mm2 / 150-170˚C overtemperature protection / 16 bit, -20-85˚C digital temperature sensor / 12-bit C-V transcapacitance-transresistance converters / active limiters for wireless power transfer / 5V LED driver circuits / Phase (frequency) detectors / Highly-linear charge pumps / Frequency dividers/ ...

    AD-DA conversion / 20v, 12 bit, 0.5uA current steering DAC / 12 bit, 800uA DAC with I/V converter for Hall sensors / 33nA LSB, -40-135˚C, 12 bit current steering DAC / 16-bit, 1kHz ΔΣ ADC /  97dB, 2.5MS/s – 71dB, 10MS/s delta-sigma ADC / Band-pass delta-sigma ADC / 13-bit, 2.2MS/s, 2.8bit/stage pipelined ADC / 12-bit, multiplexed 200kS/s SAR / 12 bit, 7uA, 10kHz continuous time ΔΣ-extended counting, ultra-low power ADC / Continuous time 12 bit ΔΣ ADCs / 6-10bit auxiliary ADC / 15-bit, 1.4nA LSB Hall sensor CT ΔΣ ADC / Complex IQ bandpass ΔΣ ADC, 780uW, 2.5MHz BW, >10.5 ENOBs / ...

    Power management / Li-ion to 2-3V buck-boost inductive DCDC converter / ZnO2 to 2-3.6V boost DCDC converter / 3.6V to 0.9-1.2V buck inductive DCDC converter / General buck, buck-boost and boost DCDC converters and controllers / Integrated 40 W High Power PoE-PD & DC-DC Converter Controller with Auxiliary Supply Support (IEEE 802.3at Draft 3.0) / 80% efficient voltage doubler to 3.6-4.4V in 0.18um / 1.8V to 8V differential Dickson charge pump with > 50% efficiency / 3.8-40V to 3.4V LDO regulators ext. cap. with overtemperature and overcurrent protection / Very low dropout 0-30mA regulators with int. cap / Low power LDO regulators down to 0.9V with POR generation / reference buffers with ext. or int. cap / High-efficient RF to DC power rectification for RFID and energy harvesting/ 1.8V to 10V, 20mW capacitive boost converter, 60% efficiency in 0.18um CMOS / 2A, 2.8-4.6V to 0.53-1.8V inductive buck DCDC, 85%, automatic PFM/PWM switching / 1,2,4 phase, 150W, 60V, 1 MHz  BW boost DCDC / 3-level buck DCDC with single coil / High-Voltage / Bandgap circuits / 90V high-side, low-side solenoid driver / 3.3V overvoltage tolerant digital IO in 40nm CMOS / 10V tolerant DCDC and class D output driver in 0.18um standard CMOS / Class AB amplifiers / Class D amplifiers / Class G/H amplifiers / Piëzo-electric drivers for inkjet and ultrasound / 5-8-10V vibrating/resonating MEMS drivers / HS and LS H-Bridge drivers with bootstrapping and slope control for motor control / Asynchronous DCDC for HID Xenon lamp drive / LIN drivers with slope control / Self-Oscillating power amplifiers for xDSL line drive / floating, low leakage and low Ron switches / HV instrumentation 20V, 80dB/20kHz, 11uV rms noise, 20uV offset / Electrode array drivers for nerve and brain stimulation/ ...

    Full ASIC designs / 12 bit MEMS gyroscope ASIC / 12 bit, ultra-low-power accelerometer MEMS ASIC / 14-bit, uV absolute accuracy sensor data acquisition ASIC / Complete low-power GMR sensor interface / 12-bit Hall sensor interface ASICs / Ultra-low-power capacitive sensor interface with smart power control / Overall 12-bit accuracy 3-axis magnetic compass ASIC / Sound processor ASIC, with class D audio driver and ZnO2 and Li-ion power management / Novel high-quality FM demodulation ASIC / Medical implantable wireless Li-ion battery charging ASIC with DCDC converters and LDO regulators / Solar charger battery ASIC / Li-Ion, lead-acid battery management ASIC for car batteries / EPC Gen 2 compliant RFID ASIC with 32kB of NVM / 16-bit, uVolt absolute accuracy instrumentation ASIC system / Resistive, 136uW/channel strain gauge multi-channel ASIC / Wideband, high-power DCDC converter for cellular PA envelope tracking /...



    ICsense develops custom IPs tailored to your needs. Having installed and continuously updated the major PDKs of a wide range of technology providers (TSMC, On Semiconductor, UMC, SMIC, XFAB, TOWER JAZZ, IBM, Infineon, Micronas, GlobalFoundries, ST, TI, NXP), we can design in the technology node of your choice (28nm, 40nm, 65nm, 90nm, 0.13um, 0.18um , 0.25um, 0.35um, 0.45um, 0.5um, 0.7um, BCD, I3T25, I3T50, I3T80, I2T100, etc ). Contact our sales department for your custom IP needs.