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Enhanced design efficiency

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    ICsense has developed a unique design environment for high-quality analog and digital design in a structured way, resulting in a high reliability and high first-time-right success rate.

    Industry-standard EDA tools

    Modelling Block level
    Top level
    Mixed-mode Digital
    Verilog-A Spectre Ultrasim AMS (+ Spectre) Verilog
    Verilog-AMS SpectreRF APS AMS (+ APS) VHDL
    Simulink AFS AFS AMS (+ Ultrasim) System-Verilog
    Matlab APS     System-C


    • State-of-the-art simulators for analog, digital and mixed-signal ICs (see above). ICsense has developed methodologies to have fast and accurate full chip-level mixed-signal simulation coverage with these simulators.
    • Cadence - Virtuoso for schematic entry and layout 
    • Industry-standard digital tool flow enhanced with in-house tools: simulation, synthesis, logic equivalence checking, STA, formal verification, place-and-route and ATPG test pattern generation
    • Mentor Calibre for physical Verification (DRC/LVS) and parasitic extraction (xRC) and Analog FastSpice (AFS)
    • Cliosoft for version control of the schematics, layout and testbench files
    • Matlab (including custom toolboxes) and Simulink for concept definitions and system design
    • Matlab script-based interface to formalize and automate circuit sizing, test-bench and simulation control, simulation data post-processing and report generation


    ICsense mixed-signal Design environment cadence based matlab controlled

    Structured design methodology

     Key benefits:

    • Structured and formalized design approach using design plans
    • Traceability of design choices and trade-offs through version control and design plans
    • Design and layout integrity through version control (Cliosoft)
    • Quality of final design and layout by formal issue management (JIRA)
    • Reliability of results by semi-automated simulation coverage and reporting
    • Extensive digital simulation coverage and constraint randomized verification

     Key Features:

    • Top-down, bottom-up design methodology
    • Automated characterization over corners, supply and temperature
    • Powerful simulation result and corner data processing
    • Technology-independent platform
    • Simulator-independent platform
    • Embeds design plans for most analog blocks e.g. amplifier topologies, low dropout regulators, oscillators, bandgap references, temperature sensors, ...
    • Code, condition, functional and assertion coverage in digital simulation
    • Version control (Cliosoft)
    • Issue management (JIRA)


    Proprietary design toolboxes

    • DC-DC converters (inductive and capacitive / buck, boost, buck-boost, flyback)
    • Delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters
    • SAR analog-to-digital converters
    • Pipelined analog-to-digital converters
    • Delta-Sigma fractional-N synthesizers
    • Digital-to-analog converters
    • Phase-locked loops (PLL)


    Cadence at ICsense Design environment Matlab at ICsense Design environment Mentor at ICsense Design environment Synopsys at ICsense Design environment