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    ICsense offers a broad range of ASIC development services.These go from pure ASIC design to building full design and supply (turnkey) ASIC solutions including study, design, packaging, bench test, (ATE) production test, characterization, qualification and supply.

    ICsense custom develops your ASIC according to your specific requirements. Our team is there from the very beginning to setup the specification together with you. Read more on the 3 steps to an ASIC.

    Our ISO 9001:2008 procedures are a guarantee for low-risk and state-of-the-art ASIC designs. Our expert engineering team (> 30% PhDs) is ready to lead you from initial business case to final product. We mainly work for the following 4 markets [business cases]:

    • Automotive / space
    • Industrial 
    • Medical
    • Consumer

    ASIC development at ICsense (brochure)  



    ASIC examples


    • Rad Hard design
    • Fuel injection ASIC
    • Hall sensor interface
    • GMR sensor ASIC
    • Car battery mgmt
    • Dual H-bridge driver
    • Xenon HID lamp driver
    • Battery control ASIC
    • DC-DC converter for lamp


    • Cochlear implant driver
    • Wireless power/data ASIC
    • Deep brain stimulator
    • Implant power management 
    • Nerve stimulation ASIC
    • ECG readout
    • Lab-on-chip impedance 
    • Spectroscopy ASIC
    • X-ray imaging IC


    • 3-axis magnetic compass
    • MEMS gyroscope
    • Gas sensors
    • Accelerometer interfacing
    • High efficient DC-DC 
    • Solar charger
    • Hall sensor interface
    • Class D audio drivers
    • Frac-N synth for comm.
    • 40W PoE controller


    • Capacitive sensor interface
    • Inductive proximity sensor
    • Flow sensor ASIC
    • Wheatstone bridge readout
    • Passive RFID tags
    • Pressure sensor ASIC 
    • HV driver circuits upto 95V
    • Strain gauge interfacing
    • Inertial sensors

    Our offer to you

    Contact us to discuss your ASIC development. You can download and print the brochure on ASIC design for an introduction to our ASIC design/supply service.