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  • ASIC for multi-electrode simultaneous brain stimulation and recording
  • ASIC for multi-electrode simultaneous brain stimulation and recording

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    DBS ICsense bain stimulation ISO13485 certified IC design company

    Our experts in medical implantable electronics have developed a complete brain stimulation ASIC, including power management, high-voltage generation, stimulation and recording. The stimulation relies on accurate ultralow-power high-voltage circuits. The recording consists of sensitive high-voltage instrumentation amplifiers that can detect small brain responses in the presence of large stimulation artifacts through a proprietary artifact prediction and reduction technique. The ASIC is combined with innovative brain probes from imec for applications such as deep brain stimulation, drug therapy, brain lesion treatment …


    • Complete system-on-chip with simultaneous high-gain recording and high-voltage stimulation with artifact reduction
    • Low-noise, wideband recording of brain signals
    • High voltage (implemented in 50V 0.35um BCD) electrode array for brain stimulation
    • Voltage and current stimulation with accurate charge delivery
    • Low power consumption