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  • Integrated High-Power DCDC controller

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    ICsense_NCP1083ICsense designed an ASIC that is used in Power-over-Ethernet Powered Devices (PoE-PD), which require high power (40W). The ASIC has a DC-DC converter controller to support a 9V auxiliary supply. One of the key blocks is a PWM controller for DC-DC conversion. The PWM controller is designed for DC-DC conversion under current-mode control and therefore includes a slope compensation technique. The chip supports flyback, buck and forward DC-DC converter topologies.  The ASIC is marketed by OnSemi (NCP1083).


    • 40W PoE powered device (RJ45 connector)
    • PWM controller for flyback, buck and forward converters
    • Programmable operational current limit of up to 1100mA for extended power ranges
    • Adjustable UVL (under voltage lockout)
    • Programmable inrush current limit
    • Over temperature protection
    • Wide duty cycle range with internal slope compensation circuitry
    • Programmable oscillator frequency
    • Temperature range of 40°C to 85°C with full operation up to 150°C junction temp