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  • Automotive qualified ASIC for battery control applications
  • Automotive qualified ASIC for battery control applications

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    ICsense designers have developed an IC that measures battery voltage, battery current, battery temperature and battery lifetime to compute the State-Of-Charge (SOC) and the State-Of-Health (SOH) of batteries. The ASIC targets applications such as high-voltage battery systems (Li-Ion) for vehicles (trains, cars, motorbikes, …) as well as Lead-Acid battery systems (12V, 24V and 42V). This ASIC has been developed as a general purpose platform for battery control applications.


    • Accurate current, voltage and temperature measurements of battery
    • State-of-Health, State-of-Charge computation
    • High flexibility to fit many different applications through external component selection
    • Automotive qualified: temperature, six sigma, EMC (DPI), ESD
    • I3T50 technology
    • Junction temperature: -40°C to 150°C