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  • High-temperature 12-bit successive approximation ADC

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    This successive approximation ADC was developed for the automotive market, with the requirement to operate seamlessly at temperature peaks up to 200°C. The ADC has a resolution of 12 bit and a sampling frequency of 200ksamples/sec. The current consumption is only 400uA for a die area of 0.45mm2 (including reference buffer). Although it was manufactured in a 0.65um BiCMOS process, we could keep the supply voltage as low as 2.5V.


    • Resolution 12 bits
    • INL < ±2 LSB / DNL < ±1 LSB
    • Fout is 200ks/sec (Fclock: 3.6MHz)
    • Area 0.45mm2 (reference buffer included)
    • Current consumption 400uA (analog parts)
    • Vdd is 2.5V
    • 0.65um BiCMOS technology
    • Temperature range -40°C to 200°C